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Laerdal Speedblocks Head Immobilizer

SKU: LAE983091

$ 67.89

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Introducing SpeedBlocks-it's everything you ever needed in a reusable at a cost so reasonable you can afford to dipose of it as needed. With 4 quick steps to application and superior patient access, the new SpeedBlocks head immobilizer offers the ultimate in patient care. It's rugged, reusable immobilization at a price that won't immobilize your budget.

• Disposable head straps and block pads allow for easy and low cost replacement

• Reliable handle-locking mechanism with quick-release locks ensures confident application

• Blocks provide contoured fit for patients aged 2 and up

• Universal base and blocks with replaceable foam pads for easy, worry-free cleaning

• Blocks slide for easy multi-axis adjustment Blocks weigh only 5.2 oz each

• Radiolucent, MRI, and CT scan compatible

• Made of HDPE durable plastic and non-absorbing padded blocksX