Ballistic Protection Information





With the increase in active-shooter incidents across the nation, first responders have been forced to adapt to "Hot Zone" and "Warm Zone" situations. The need for ballistic body armor is becoming more and more apparent. 

MTR has teamed with Armor Express, one of the nation's leading manufacturers of ballistic protective equipment. As many of their skilled workers possess more than 30 years experience, Armor Express is able to provide top-quality body armor that is second to none.





Body armor is a combination of components that are matched together to suit specific needs. The main components are the Carrier (vest that holds the armor itself), Soft pannel armor (lightweight and flexible), and Hard plates (heavier and solid for rifle protection).


 Soft Panel Protection Levels

The two most common levels for soft armor are level II and level IIIA. Level II will be lighter than level IIIA, however level IIIA will be rated to stop larger rounds than level II. The tabs below will give more detail on each level.


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Hard Plate Protection Levels

Our ballistic packages have the ability to hold optional hard plates for rifle protection.



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We have put together a collection of some available Ballistic gear made with the First Responder in mind.


"Superior customer service allowed the El Centro Fire Department to obtain a better price and quality of product during replacement and upgrading of our Ballistic gear. This enabled us to safely outfit our department responders for Acive Shooter and high risk incidents."

Andrew Miller, Fire Captain - El Centro Fire Department