About Us

Thank you for your interest in Med-Tech Resource. We are a Eugene, Oregon headquartered business that is dedicated to providing quality and cost-effective medical supplies for the Health and Emergency Professional.

Our mission is customer satisfaction through innovative, cost-effective products that improve health care delivery for caregivers and those they serve. We are proud of our current line of Med Tech Resource Products brand products and we pride ourselves on our unique ability to offer new items to meet your needs.

Our Company's Commitment to our Customers:

  • Personalized Account Management
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Dependable Product Quality
  • Continued Product Line Growth

We are poised and ready to exceed the demands of our customers.

History of Med-Tech Resource

Med-Tech Resource Med Tech Resource Products opened its doors in 1994 in a small, single room office with the belief that medical supplies do not have to be expensive to be effective.  On the first day of operations, there were 4 sales people, my wife Ramona, and me. We had 5 products available for purchase and either my wife or I did the shipping at the end of the day.

MTR grew so quickly that within a year we relocated to a 5,000 square foot office and warehouse.  As we grew and expanded our product line we continually faced the challenge of convincing our larger suppliers to offer high-quality products at cost-effective prices. This led us to the realization that if MTR was going to be a major player in the emergency medical products industry we needed to start manufacturing the items that are used daily by FIRE, POLICE, and EMS.  

“Basic Medical” is the MTR brand we manufacture and is one of the top selling brands that we offer.  Basic Medical products have become synonymous with high quality and low cost, and provide our customers a great alternative to the other branded product that we carry.

As we celebrated our 20-year anniversary, we enjoyed looking back and remembering when we opened our doors, and all the amazing friends we have developed along the way.  We’re proud and excited about how MTR has grown, and we look forward to what is in store for us over the next 20 years.

- Mike Modrich

Founder & CEO