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I.V. Solution

SKU: 186662

$ 62.32

**State Board of Pharmaceutical License is required to purchase this item.**

I.V. Solution will not ship until license information is verified. Please call 1-800-693-0032 after purchasing to provide Pharmaceutical license information.

*****Sodium Chloride .9% 1000mL Bag & Sodium Chloride .9% 500mL Bags are on allocation*****

Call us for Possible availability or allocation for your area: 1-800-693-0032

All I.V. solutions are packaged sterile. Available in bag or bottle packaging.

Lactated Ringers

Lactated Ringer 1000mL - Bag 12/CS - $62.32
Lactated Ringer 500mL - Bag 24/CASE - $120.86

Sterile Water/(H20)

Call for Availability

Sterile Saline/(SODIUM CHLORIDE .9%)

Sodium Chloride .9% 1000mL Bag 12/CASE - $70.18
Sodium Chloride .9% 500mL Bag 24/CASE - $119.96
Sodium Chloride .9% 250mL Bag 24/CASE - $121.00


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