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Kendall Monoject Prefill I.V. Syringe Flush

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Syringes are filled with saline in a FDA-registered, cGMP controlled clean room. The Syrex Saline Flush syringes are 100% steam terminally sterilized, labeled and packaged in ready-to-use, unit-dose packaging. Prefilled catheter flush syringes provide the healthcare practitioner with a safe and effective alternative to manually drawing from multidose vials or manually filling flush syringes. Several studies have documented issues attributed to manually filled syringes.
(State Board of Pharmaceutical License is required to purchase this item)
• 0.9% Sodium Chloride Flush
• Luer Lock
• 10 ML.
• 60/Box
• Saline flush syringe
• Terminally sterile
• Drug stopper quality plunger tip
• Color-coded
• Low breakforce
• Latex and perservative freeX

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