Hot Shield UNI-V2 Ultra Shroud Extreme

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Hot Shield has a minimum order quantity of $150. 

The new Ultra Shroud model UNI-V2 is a Wildland Helmet Shroud designed by

firefighters to provide extreme thermal protection to areas of the face and neck not covered by a mask or standard helmet shroud.


The UNI-V2 replaces your existing helmet shroud and is designed to fit to nearly every model of wildland helmet manufactured to date, including Morning Pride, MSA, Bullard and others.


What makes our Hot Shield Ultra Shroud better and unique to your existing equipment?


The UNI-V2 affords the firefighter the proven bonafide protection of CarbonX fabrics with a measure of respiratory comfort & relief not found in standard helmet shrouds.


The Ultra Shroud UNI-V2 has overlapping panels and each panel has a layer of CarbonX knit mesh at the nose and mouth area. You can breathe right through your shroud now! No other shroud has this capability.

The Ultra Shroud UNI-V2 comes with a packet of hook & loop tabs and straps, so you

can customize the fit of your Ultra Shroud to your own specific brand of wildland



Step up to real protection, not just the look of it!