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Zoll AED Plus Trainer 2 Unit

SKU: 8008-0050

$ 54.95

The Zoll AED Plus Trainer is for use by trainers to train in the use of the Zoll AED Plus. This training unit is pre-programmed with all American Heart Association recommended training protocols for a Sudden Cardiac Arrest rescue. A must have for CPR instructors and trainers doing AED training.

Package Includes:

• (6) C Cell Batteries

• AC adapter

• (1) CPR-D Training Electrode System

• (1) Pair Of Replacement Gels

• Hand Held Remote Cord

• Operator's Manual

• Administration Guide

• One Year Factory Warranty


Replacement Gels:

Instead of buying new CPR-D padz every time, buy the replacement gels to attach to your current pads for re-use.

• 5 Pair Per Package


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