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Zoll AED Plus CPR-D Training Padz

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$ 89.59

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CPR-D Training padz provide CPR coaching and feedback - critical information unavailable with any other AED system

During CPR, audio and visual cues help prevent the two most common errors:

inadequate depth and inadequate rate. Voice prompts like "press harder" or "good compression" are delivered while its adaptive metronome leads the rescuer to the recommended 100 compressions-per-minute rate. CPR-D padz provide an unsurpassed four-year shelf-life and its unique tamper-evident seal provides the user the important lot code and expiration information without the need to open the AED Plus' cover. The CPR-D padz combines state-of-the-art storage, easy application, and useful clinical tools into the best therapy delivery system available today.

• A sensor on the CPR-D padz tracks the rescuer's compression depth and rate as soon as CPR begins

• Includes: Barrier Mask, Razor, Scissors, Disposable Gloves & Towelette

• Includes: (1) One Piece Pad and Rescue Pack

• Adult Training Padz

• 4 Year Shelf Life