Yates Rope Rescue Team Equipment Kit

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Complete package of equipment needed for most low angle and high angle cliff rescue operations. Equipment provided for mainline lowering or raising and belay system including hardware, lowering device, edge protection and anchor rigging. Stored in Yates/Evac Tech Rescue Equipment Pack and Yates Rope Bags with Shoulder Straps for easy equipment separation, sorting and transportation. This kit does not include the personal equipment needed by the rescuer (see kit item 8020).

1 Traverse Titan Rescue Stretcher
1 Sierra Safety Litter Pre-rig
2 200 ft. 1/2 inch Ropes (any colors)
2 Medium Rope Bags with Shoulder Straps (any colors)
1 Brake Rack
3 Yates Mountain Lite Single Pulleys
2 Yates Mountain Lite Double Pulleys
1 Rescue Rigger Rigging Plate
14 Steel NFPA Autolock Carabiners
4 Sets Tandem Dynamic Prusiks
2 Medium Rope Guards
1 Rope Edge Pad
3 15 ft. Type 18 Webbing
3 20 ft. Type 18 Webbing
1 4 ft. Anchor Strap with Wear Pad
1 6 ft. Anchor Strap with Wear Pad
5 9mm Delta Links
1 2:1 Heavy Duty Pick-off/Transfer Strap
1 Load Release Anchor
2 Bolt and Tool Bags
1 Yates Riggers Gear Bag
1 Yates/Evac Tech Rescue Equipment Pack

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