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Urban Road Warrior - Roadside Kit


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With the Urban Road Warrior Kit from Mayday you won't need a checklist or go on a tiring shopping spree to get everything you need in case you find yourself in an emergency. This is the essential roadside emergency kit and includes 21 must-have items including jumper cables, fire extinguishers, blankets, knives and even drinking water. These 21 survival items come with and fit nicely in a convenient and durable red backpack that anyone can carry.

• 30 Minute HighIntensity Light Stick
• Tow Rope
• Auto Spot Light
• Jumper Cables
• First Aid Kit
• Flashlight with Batteries
• Fire Extinguisher
• Solar Blanket
• Waterproof Poncho
• Swiss Style Army Knife
• Flat Tire Fixer
• Drinking Water
• Leather Gloves
• Whistle
• Duct Tape
• Utility Knife
• Emergency Instructions and Help Sign
• Wet Naps
• Reflecting Triangle

• Distress Banner



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