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Rusch Berman Oral Airways

SKU: 230009R

$ 3.19

Dual Channel Design

Utilizes a dual channel design that permits access of a suction catheter even if the airway shifts or is partially occluded, making resuscitation less cumbersome. Rigid bite block helps keep the victims airway from collapsing, insuring unobstructed ventilation. The airway kit comes complete with six sizes.


• Latex Free

• 6 Each Per Pack

Kit Includes Sizes Below:

• (1) 40mm Infant Oral Airway

• (1) 50mm Child Oral Airway

• (1) 60mm

• (1) 70mm Small Adult Oral Airway

• (1) 80mm

• (1) 90mm Medium Adult Oral Airway

• (1) 100mm Large Adult Oral Airway

• (1) 110mm Extra Large Adult Oral Airway


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