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Reeves Sleeve Drag Version

SKU: RSS0053

$ 915.00

Reeves Sleeve Drag Version
(Comes Complete With A Flexible Coated Nylon Plastic Bottom)

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A unique product that converts a full size backboard into a patient immobilization device to be used for vertical and horizontal lifting. Excellent medical access. Perfect device for confined space rescue because it fits over the backboard. DOES NOT CAUSE FEET TO ANGLE OUTWARD as do popular plastic lifting devices. Sleeve material is a vinyl laminated nylon that meets Mil Spec C 4300 Type 1, Class 1 anti-fungal vinyl and is resistant to acids, alkalies, and liquids. Lifting straps are constructed from 6,000 lbf tensile strength webbing. Storage dimensions: 24 x 12 x 5". Full Dimensions: 72 x 24". Weight: 14 lbs. Color: Orange. Comes complete with a Flexible Coated Nylon Plastic bottom. **Plastic bottom is not removable.**

Comes Complete With A Flexible Coated Nylon Plastic Bottom.
Plastic Bottom Is Not Removable.
Reinforced Bottom
Comes With 10 Handles, Four More Than The Standard Version.
Converts A Full Size Backboard Into A Patient Immobilization Device
Excellent Medical Access
Sleeve Material Is A Vinyl Laminated Nylon
Meets Mil Spec C 4300 Type 1
Class 1 Anti-Fungal Vinyl
Resistant To Acids, Alkalies, And Liquids
Lifting Straps Are Constructed From 6,000 lbf Tensile Strength Webbing
Does Not Cause Feet To Angle Outward
Storage Dimensions: 24" x 12" x 5".
Full Dimensions: 72" x 24"
Weight: 14 lbs
Color: Orange


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