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Reeves Flexible Stretcher

SKU: RSS0003

$ 329.00

Reeves Flexible Stretcher
(Simple, Lightweight And Efficient)

The Reeves Flexible Stretcher is constructed of specially compounded orange 18oz. vinyl-coated nylon and is easily washed with soap and water. It has five removable hardwood slats positioned between two layers of the 18oz. fabric. The slats provide strength and rigidness.Six handles ergonomically placed for ease of transport and three reinforced polypropylene web patient security straps for immobilization.

• Constructed Of Specially Compounded Orange 18oz. Vinyl-Coated Nylon
• Easily Washed With Soap And Water
• Highly Resistant To Acids, Alkali And Penetration Of Liquids
• Five Removable Hardwood Slats Positioned Between Two Layers Of The 18oz. Fabric
• Slats Provide Strength And Rigidness
• Lightweight: 15lbs.
• Compact And Portable: Opens To 78"L x 28W"; Closes To 58"L x 6"W
• Six Handles Ergonomically Placed For Ease Of Transport
• Handles Constructed of Polypropylene Webbing With Foam Inserts
• Three Reinforced Polypropylene Web Patient Security Straps For Immobilization
• Load Capacity: 750lbs.


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