Pelican 1460EMS Case With EMS Organizer and Dividers

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Fit Everything You Need In One Box!

Specifically designed in conjunction with Fire department and EMS personnel, the new Pelican 1460EMS case is the one case you will want in an emergency. Features include a three-level, fully customizable tray system with a lockable tray compartment for secure controlled substance storage. Plus, it's water resistant and dustproof, to ensure that both you and your gear are ready on arrival for any emergency. 1460: A place for everything, and everything in its right place.

• Variable Drawer Configuration With Movable Drawer Dividers

• Highly Durable Trays Made From ABS Plastic

• Reinforced Stainless Steel Tray Arms

• Double-Throw Latches Made From Impact Resistant EXL Plastic

• Sturdy, Unbreakable Hinges

• Extremely Durable Wide-Grip Rubber Overmolded Handles

• Spill Protection For Tray Contents Via Specially Designed Interior Ribbing On Top Lid That Covers The Top Tray In Order To Protect Contents When The Case Is Dropped. The Lower Trays Are In Turn Protected By The Upper Trays

• Features A Shoulder Strap Which Ensures High Portability Of This Case In Emergency End-Use Situations. Also Includes Strap And Mounting Bracket To Enable Users To Attach Any Size Sharps Containers (Sold Separately) To The Exterior Of The Case

• Features One Lockable Compartment On Each Tray For Storing Controlled Substances Such As Narcotics. As Required By Law, Controlled Substances Have To Be Locked And This Feature Enables The User To Simply Lock Only The Controlled Substances And Not The Whole Case

• Top Lid Opens Up To 180 Degrees Giving The Case Important On-The-Field Anti-Roll Stability When Open

• Features An O-Ring That Ensures That The Case Is Water Resistant. The 1460EMS Case Is Rated IP66

• Polypropylene Body Enables Easy Case And Tray Cleansing And Sterilization

• Differentiates From The Soft EMS Bags Currently On The Market In That The Pelican 1460EMS Case: O Protects Sensitive Drugs And Vials From Breakage O No Decontamination And No Messy Zippers Typically Associated With Soft Bags

• Second To None, Pelican’s Lifetime Guarantee Supports The Case Forever (Most EMS Hard Cases On The Market Come With No Warranty Whatsoever). ***Tray System Is Not Covered By Lifetime Warranty***

• Temperature Range: -40º / 210º F

• Weight: 18.2lLbs



• Interior: 18.54"L x 9.92"W x 10.92"D

• Exterior 20.85"L x 12.73"W x 12.75"D