Eagle Vision - Video Laryngoscope Kit

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The Eagle Vision Video Laryngoscope adopts state-of-the-art technology including a 2.0M Pixel full-view camera, a high-resolution monitor, unique anti-fog capability (no need to wait for preheating), and a portable ergonomic design. These features enable clinicians to greatly improve their chances of first-attempt success while minimizing the potential chance of injury during the intubation process by getting a better view of the glottis structure.

Clinicians appreciate the improved visibility as well as decreased time to achieve a successful intubation. 


  • 3.5" screen is much larger than any other video laryngoscope on the market
  • 2.0M pixel camera
  • Rotatable Display
  • Records still images and/or video
  • Image/Video playback
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery supports up to 200 minutes of continual use per charge
  • Date/Time stamp

Kit Without Bag Includes

  • Video Laryngoscope unit with 3.5" color screen
  • USB charger
  • USB flash drive with user manual 
  • Three disposable blades (Mac 2, Mac 3, and Mac 4)
  • Hard carrying case

Kit With Bag Includes

  • Full Eagle Vision Kit
  • Soft Carrying Case




My name is Marcelino Ryan, I am the EMS Captain/Training Officer for Combat Center Fire Department. We purchased 2 Eagle Vision Video Laryngoscope a few months back. Intubation is a skill that we as EMS Providers aren't proficient in, not because the lack of ability, but the lack of real life intubations. With this camera it allows flawless direct laryngeal visualization of all anatomical landmarks. You visualize the tube pass through the vocal cords without second guessing. Although we haven't had the chance to use it in a real life scenario, we have used it multiple times in training and my paramedics appreciated the ease of use, and how easy it was to visualize everything.

Marcelino Ryan, EMS Captain/Training Officer for Combat Center Fire Department


I’m the Assistant Director is EMS with Calhoun County EMS in Port Lavaca, TX. Our department recently bought the EagleVision video laryngoscopes from Margaret. Before we decided on these scopes, we were able to view/practice with the EagleVision, Mcgrath, and the King Vision. The crews voted for the EagleVision. The crews really liked the fact that the scopes did not require learning a different hand position, and it could be used even without the camera working. Also, the ability to have photo/video proof of the tube placement is priceless. Also, Margaret has been great to work with and has answered any questions we have had. We also received all of our scopes promptly.
Lori McDowell, Assistant Director Calhoun County EMS


I have been using the “Eagle vision” video laryngoscope for the past few year in our training department. I have found this item to be an excellent device for training because of the video output jack which you are able to view on a larger screen for large group instruction, as well, this device is also capable of performing manual laryngoscopy (non-video) if needed. The larger video screen on the device is also a plus for learners, I would recommend this device for field use as well. Over all a great device.
Kyle Janssen,NRP, Paramedic Educator, Simulation Coordinator - Sanford Health
(Training model with mini HDMI output for ease of instructional use available. Please call 800-693-0032 to purchase a training model)


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