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MTR - Basic Medical - Super Soft Nasal Cannula 7' TUBING

SKU: MTR-24003

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Nasal Cannula by Manufacturer Med-Tech Resource provides the best quality and comfort for your patients. 

For patients requiring medium-low concentrations of oxygen. Over the ear design maintains proper positioning of nasal tips while allowing for complete freedom of movement. Individually packed complete with 7 ft. crush proof star type oxygen supply tubing.  Soft tips wont split or crack the skin around the nostrils with prolonged use!

MTR Nasal Cannula have a silicon end to better form to the outlet. Our cannula wont blow off, or get stuck on your regulator. 

The best cannula on market!


• Single Patient Use

• Oxygen Concentration Delivery: 24 - 44%

• Recommended Flow Rate: 1 - 6 LPM


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