MTR Mega Transfer Sheet

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Measuring 38"W x 76.5"L, the MTR Mega Transfer sheet provides easy patient transfer for patients in narrow or hard to reach places. Able to hold up to 800 pounds, the Mega Transfer Sheet is made of heavy duty cot materiel with 14 handles ( 6 on each side, and 2 at the ends.) 

A backboard can be used with this sheet, with convenient pockets located at each end to hold the backboard securely.

It is recommended that 4-6 people support the transfer sheet to avoid injury.

  • Easy to Use
  • Holds 800 lbs.
  • Great For Bariatric Transfer
  • Fits Most Spineboards
  • Measures 38.5"W x 77.5"L
  • Head Pocket Measures 19" Inches in Width