MTR BVM - Disposable Resuscitator

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Disposable Resuscitator combines dependable performance at an economical price. Available in three sizes:

Adult (2000 Bag Volume), Pediatric (700 Bag Volume), and Infant (220 Bag Volume) 

Individual includes one mask. Adult kit includes two additional masks (Larger and Smaller). Pediatric kit includes Pediatric mask as well as Infant mask.



Interchangeable mask will connect to an MTR CPR pocket mask.

Mask connector swivels to rotate if needed to switch hands or sides of patient and is color coded for size.

• Built in Peep Valve.

• BVM is made of silicone material and a blasted texture for grip capability.

O2 Port allows easy oxygen connection.

•  All units come complete with mask, oxygen reservoir bag,and oxygen tubing. 

• Single patient use.

• Flexible PVC cushion face mask ensures a tight seal with maximum comfort.

• Latex Free