MTR Deluxe Spine Board

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With New offset pins you can now use loop end or clip in straps! The board allows for easy maneuvering with significant reduction of spinal disturbance to the patient. New and improved runners will keep the board raised for easy access lift. The board has larger handholds designed to accommodate gloved hands. Molded-in speed clip pins maximize strapping options. This lightweight one piece molded board is comprised of a combination of tough, space age materials resulting in a hygienically clean surface with no seams, cracks or crevices. The board has a shipping weight of only 12lbs. It's x-ray translucent feature gives an extra clear view of the spinal area, and can even be used for an MRI!

• Brand New Boards

• 16" Wide X 72" Long X 2" Thick

• Weight: 20 lbs

• Outside Water Holds 550 lbs.

• Floats In Water 350 lbs.

• Extra-large hand holds fit even bulky firefighter gloves

• Compatible with most head immobilizers

• 100% X-ray translucent

• Easy to clean

• Impact resistance in hot or cold temperatures

• Highly resistant to blood, oils, acids and other chemical contaminants