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MEDI-TRACE 733 Series Tape Electrodes

SKU: KEN22733

$ 117.95

MEDI-TRACE 733 Series Tape Electrodes
(Round Clear Tape Snap Electrode)

MEDI-TRACE™ 733 series electrodes are for general purpose adult monitoring. The clear tape substrate allows for visual evaluation of patient skin. The patented conductive adhesive hydrogel provides additional adhesion, leaves no messy residue to clean up and is designed to stay fresh up to 45 days out of the package. These electrodes have a lift tab to facilitate easy removal from the release liner as well as the patient. The radiolucent version of this product is the MEDI-TRACE™ 750 series electrode. Compare to the ConMed Cleartrace electrode. Designed to perform consistently for both short and long term applications including stress, Holter and general monitoring. Aggressive clear tape adhesive.

• 30 electrodes per bag, 20 bags (600 electrodes) per case
• Compare to the ConMed Cleartrace
• 1 3/4" Teardrop


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