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Masimo SET M-LNCS, Adhesive, Disposable

SKU: 2712-04126

$ 18.85

M-LNCS, or Low Noise Cabled Sensors, are uniquely designed cabled sensors, which offer the best pulse oximetry performance for a sensor with integral cable. M-LNCS is intended for hospitals that prefer to minimize clinician-user-interface change when upgrading their pulse oximetry to Masimo SET®or Masimo rainbow SET®.

Masimo has invested years in creating Low Noise Cabled (or M-LNC) technology, the ideal cable for the pulse oximetry environment. M-LNC provides the highest performance of any integrated pulse oximetry sensor cable and yet is flexible and can be manufactured affordably enough to be used in a disposable sensor. M-LNCS sensors will work with all Masimo SET pulse oximeters, but are also designed to operate on Nellcor sensor compatible instruments without OxiMax®.


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