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Laerdal Headbed II

SKU: 427004

$ 7.95

The HeadBed II HID coupled with BaXstrap Spineboard and Stifneck Select Collar creates a system in which both the patient and the rescuer can benefit. This water-resistant, disposable head immobilizer provides superior immobilization and the best patient access possible.

• Disposable, So No Equipment Recovery Costs Or Clean-Up

• Effective In Various Weather Conditions

• Our Patented Dual Adhesive Strap Sticks Aggressively Where Needed And Releases When Necessary

• Outstanding Patient Access For Effective Assessment Without Compromising Immobilization

• Fits Adults, Children And Infants

• Fits With Other Spineboards

• Radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible

• Latex-free


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