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   With Rapid Packing and Minimal Compression, Celox™ RAPID can reduce hemostasis to a minute or less expanding the first responders capabilities  to care for other wounds or casualties.

  • A 5’ Celox™ RAPID  packs faster, requires minimal post-application compression, reduces blood loss, and provides  greater stability in evacuation compared to competitive products.
  • Independent in vivo testing showed 100 % success in achieving hemostasis and reduced blood loss compared to other treatments*.
  • Celox™ RAPID has also been tested in a model of casualty evacuation, achieving 100 % successful transport without re-bleeding*.

As the occurrences of violent and brutal acts escalates, so too have the demands to provide care under increasingly chaotic and life threatening conditions. Celox™ RAPID defines Tactical Hemostasis and bridges the significant capability gap between emerging tactics and the current standard of treatment for hemorrhage control.