Celox Hemostatic Blood Clot Granules - 2 Gram Packs

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• CELOX Home - 2g packs are designed for use on any laceration, abrasion or minor cut.

• CELOX clots blood fast, including blood containing heparin or warfarin. CELOX does not generate heat in use and won't burn.

• For many, bleeding stops automatically without concern or worry. However for some, bleeding can be a problem. For reasons outside their control their blood does not clot quickly and even the smallest cut can be a real problem, A more significant wound or accident can easily turn into a serious situation.

• If you suffer from abnormal bleeding, or are taking anti-coagulants like Coumadin, Warfarin or Heparin, it can be a continuous worry. It makes sense to be prepared, so that if an accident happens you can act fast to stop the bleeding.

• CELOX was originally developed to save lives on the battlefield. After receiving US approval, it was launched to the US Military and Emergency Responders in late 2006. It has been well received by the medics who deal with some of the worst wounds imaginable.

• CELOX's new technology is proven to clot blood in just 30 seconds. It clots blood containing anticoagulants in the same 30 seconds.

• The new CELOX Home, comes in a pack containing 2g lightweight, pocket sized pouches. There is no need to carefully measure or cautiously apply CELOX Home. The entire contents can be poured into a wound and pressure applied. It's an emergency product that you can depend on to help control abnormal bleeding.