BD Insyte Autoguard BC IV Catheters

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BD Insyte Autoguard BC is proven to reduce the risk of blood exposure by 95%

The healthcare industry has come a long way in preventing needlestick injuries and their potential dangers. Even so, blood exposure during a peripheral IV insertion is still a factor—and a risk—to healthcare workers and patients.

Because there is dramatically less blood leakage at insertion, BD Insyte Autoguard BC may mean less potential cross contamination. Less risk of spills means there's less chance of getting blood on gloves, clothing, shoes, bedding, fl oors, or equipment.

Now blood exposure doesn't have to be "part of the job." 98% of clinicians stated they had no risk of blood exposure during insertion when using BD InsyteTM AutoguardTM BC,1.


  • Less risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens.
  • Reduced need to clean up blood spills.
  • Less need to worry about stopping blood.
  • The potential to reduce add-on costs for clean-up supplies.
  • Reduce Cross-Contamination Risks
  • Blood control technology proven to reduce the risk of blood exposure by 95%.
  • Push-button shielding technology proven to reduce needlestick injuries by 95%.
  • BD Vialon Biomaterial— softens in the vessel, 3, 5, 6 resulting in longer indwell times,3-6 and reduces the chance of mechanical phlebitis by up to 50%.
  • BD Instaflash Needle Technology— designed to optimise fi rst-stick success which is important for both you and your patient, especially when accessing small and compromised veins.
  • Latex-Free & DEHP/PVC-Free
  • 50 Per Box