Actidose Aqua Activated Charcoal

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 Actidose Aqua, ready-to-use activated charcoal suspension, contains 15 gm, 25 gm or 50 gm of activated charcoal in an aqueous suspension with a unique preservative system. Each milliliter contains 208 mg (0.208 gm) of activated charcoal


• No Clogging, Clumping, or Kneading as with Traditional Premixed Activated Charcoal

• Each Milliliter Contains 208 mg (0.208 gm) of Activated Charcoal.


• 15 Gram / 72ml (Only Available In Tube)



• 25 Gram / 120ml



• 50 Gram / 240ml



• Bottle or Tube




If patient has been given ipecac syrup, DO NOT give ACTIDOSE WITH SORBITOL or ACTIDOng fluid or furniture polish, have been ingested. This product is not recommended for use in children weighing less than 32 kg, or during multiple dose activated charcoal therapy since excessive catharsis and significant fluid and electrolyte abnormalities may occur. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children. Do not use Actidose with Sorbitol or Actidose-Aqua in any person known to hSE®-AQUA until after last vomiting episode. Do not use in persons who are not fully conscious. Do not use this product unless directed by a health professional, if turpentine, corrosives, such as alkalies (lye) and strong acids, or petroleum distillates, such as kerosene, gasoline, paint thinner, cleaniave a rare autosomal recessive genetic intolerance to fructose. Do not use Actidose with Sorbitol in patients who are dehydrated. Actidose with Sorbitol may cause excessive diarrhea.