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Celox Blood Clot Gauze Pad - Large 8" x 8"

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$ 18.99

CELOX will help stop the bleeding until you can seek medical assistance or may even help you or a loved one avoid a trip to the doctor's office or emergency room. In controlled trials CELOX Gauze has been repeatedly shown to quickly and reliably stop even severe arterial bleeds. Just pack the wound and apply pressure – it's safe, easy and very effective. CELOX granules are bonded on the surface of CELOX gauze, a stable (not flimsy) gauze which will not compact under pressure.

• Works On Blood Containing Anticoagulants Like Coumadin (warfarin)

• Clots Blood In 30 Seconds

• Significantly Reduce Blood Loss

• Can Even Stop Arterial Bleeding

• Quickly Clot Hypothermic (Cold) Blood

• Saves Lives

• Individual 8" x 8" Pad

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