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  • Structure and Wildfire Gloves
  • Phillips AED Bargain

Med-Tech Resource is a manufacturer and distributor of firefighter gear and emergency medical supplies. We are dedicated to providing quality and cost-effective emergency medical equipment as well as firefighter equipment for the health and emergency professional.

Our mission is customer satisfaction through innovative and cost-effective products that improve health care delivery for caregivers and those they serve. We are proud of our current line of Med-Tech brand products and we pride ourselves on the unique ability to offer new items that meet your individual needs as a customer.

We understand the importance of having the right medical supplies on the job. Lacking ambulance supplies or EMT equipment could mean the difference between life and death. We offer a diverse range of products and a growing inventory of new items to ensure you get the utmost in safety and preparedness for any emergency situation.

Med-Tech Resource began with the understanding that emergency supplies do not have to be expensive to be effective. With personalized account management, classic customer service, dependable product quality, and continuing growth of product lines we are poised and ready to meet and exceed the demands of our customers.