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Technical Rescue Team Member Set

SKU: 29981011-XSBS

$ 950.00

(***Please be advised this set takes 4 weeks to assemble. We cannot fill RUSH order***)

The basic starter set for most team members. Includes: Vanguard NFPA Class III Harness, Vertex Vent Helmet, EOS LED Headlamp, 3 OD50 NFPA carabiners, Rescue 8 Descender, Technicians Rescue Gloves, 8mm Prusik cord x 5 ft., 8mm Prusik cord x 6 ft., Harness Rigging Pouch, Daisy Chain, and a duffle bag.

• Expert II Class III Harness
• Vertex Vent II Helmet
• EOS LED Headlamp
• 3 OD50 NFPA Rescue Carbiners Screwgate Gold
• NFPA Rescue 8 (BK)
• Pro Leather Golove (BK)
• Harness Equipment Pouch (RD)
• Daisy Chain 36" (RD)
• Presewn Prusik Sling, 30" (RD)
• Presewn Prusik Sling, 20" (YE)
• ESS Striketeam XTO Goggles
• Technical Rescue, Rope I & II - Mathews
• Personal Gear Bag (BK/RD)

Glove Sizes - X-Small - XX-Large
Helmet Colors - Red, Blue, Yellow, White, & Orange
Harness Size - Small - X-Large


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