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SKED Oregon Spine Splint II

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$ 247.25

SKED Oregon Spine Splint II

One of the best spinal immobilization / extraction device available. Preferred to K.E.D., XP-1, and LSP. It immobilizes the spine and the shoulders at the same time. When applied it allows easy access to the patient's chest or abdomen for treatment or diagnosis. The chest straps hold the patient more securely than other devices, but does not restrict breathing. It folds up extremely small to fit in its carrying bag. Non-absorbing materials for easy cleaning.

• Absolutely The Best
• Preferred To K.E.D., XP-1, And LSP
• Immobilizes The Spine And The Shoulders At The Same Time
• Easy Access To The Patient's Chest Or Abdomen
• Hold The Patient More Securely Than Other Devices
• Folds Up Extremely Small To Fit In Its Carrying Bag
• Non-Absorbing Materials For Easy Cleaning


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