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RT Transfer Sling

SKU: 756103

$ 38.00

Transfer Sling
(Ideal For Rescue Pick-Off Straps)

Manufactured of heavy duty TECHWeb 1 3/4" flat webbing and has a forged "D" ring sewn in one end and a "V" ring adjuster on the other end. Adjusts by pulling on the hand loop. The "V" ring adjuster buckle slips at 4,500 lbf. Hardware Proof Load: 2,500 lbf.

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• Manufactured Of Heavy Duty TECHWeb 1 3/4" Flat Webbing
• Forged "D" Ring Sewn In One End And A "V" Ring Adjuster On The Other End
• Adjusts By Pulling On The Hand Loop
• The "V" Ring Adjuster Buckle Slips At 4,500 Lbf. (Pounds Per Force)
• Hardware Proof Load: 2,500 Lbf. (Pounds Per Force)
• Weight: 12 Oz.
• Length: 10-54"
• Rating: General Use


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