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RescueTECH Rigging System Slings

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$ 8.25

Rigging System Slings
(Great Addition to Pre-Rig Systems)

Allows rescuers to extend a Z-rig past the lowing device witout having to tie a "green" sling. Available in a 16" Dogbone style and a Super Heavy Duty 2' sling.

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DogBone Rigging System Sling, Standard:
• Triple-Layer Stitch Pattern
• 1" Super-Duty Webbing with cut indicator
• Strength: 8,500 lbf. (Pounds Per Force)
• WLL: 850 lbs. (Work Load Limit)
• Length: 16"

Super Duty Rigging System Sling:
• Triple-Layer Stitch Pattern
• 2" Super-Duty Webbing with Cut indicator
• Strength: 16,000 lbf. (Pounds Per Force)
• WLL: 1600 lbs. (Work Load Limit)
• Length: 24"


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