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Rescue Randy Adult Manikin

SKU: 21544055

$ 1,100.00

Rescue Randy Adult Manikin
(Official Manikin of the Firefighter Combat Challenge)

The Simulaids Rescue Randy is molded of durable vinyl plastic. Built with 4,300 lbf. tested plastic coated cables and articulating joints. These manikins are no dummies. Weight distribution according to human weight distribution chart. Standard Version is 5'5" tall. IAFF and Combat Challenge versions are 6'1" Tall. IAFF version is a specially reinforced version of the Combat Challenge Model. Warranty: 90 days.

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• Molded Of Durable Vinyl Plastic
• Built With 4,300 lbf. Tested Plastic Coated Cables And Articulating Joints
• Weight Distribution According To Human Weight Distribution Chart
• Warranty: 90 days

• Standard Version Is 5'5" Tall
• IAFF And Combat Challenge Versions Are 6'1" Tall

• Standard Rescue Randy: 55 Or 105 Lbs.
• Combat Challenge Version: 145 Or 165 Lbs.
• IAFF Version: 165, 175, Or 200 Lbs.


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