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Rat Trap II - Pursuit Prevention Device

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Reduce your liability by preventing pursuits before they happen. The pocket-sized RAT-TRAP® II tire deflator folds to about the size of a cigarette pack and weighs just 3 oz. Yet it can effectively neutralize a vehicle that might be used to flee authorities.

Small, light, and so simple to set
Remove the Rat Trap® II from your shirt pocket, open its high-strength polymer case, and place the unit under a non-drive tire. If the suspect attempts to flee, the Rat Trap II will quickly deflate the tire—usually in 5 seconds or less. In moments, the slower speed of the vehicle will force the suspect to stop. Once the Rat Trap II unit is deployed, simply replace the spikes in the unit, wipe it clean, fold the base, and put it back into your pocket for the next rat.

Safely deflates tires of all kinds—to prevent a potentially dangerous pursuit.
The Rat Trap II uses patented Stinger Spike System technology to ensure effective penetration in virtually any size and type of tire, deflating it in under 5 seconds. If the driver moves the vehicle over the open unit, the patented design plants its hollow, 2-inch long spikes squarely and fully into the tire, allowing air to escape at a controlled rate without causing a blowout or sudden loss of control. Deflation typically takes less than 5 seconds, slowing the vehicle, and letting the perpetrator make a controlled stop. The Rat Trap’s spikes and patented mechanism are effective on all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses.

This device is only for use by trained law enforcement officers. Spikes are extremely sharp and should remain covered with tip guards. Always handle spike systems with care


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