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Ramfan EFC50 16" Electric Smoke Ejector

SKU: 2203050

$ 1,170.00

EFC150 - 16" 1.5HP High Capacity Smoke Ejector
(Specify Voltage: 115V or 230V )

The Ramfan EFC50 16" Electric Smoke Ejector features a ½ HP Motor available in 115V or 230V and Non-sparking Lexan polycarbonate housing . A High velocity flow decreases desmoking time dramatically. Built-in stacking for PPV and 21-blade case aluminum, precision balanced turbo impeller .Won't rust, dent, or corrode

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• High Velocity Flow Decreases Desmoking Time Dramatically
• Built-In Stacking For PPV
• ½ HP Motor Available In 115V Or 230V
• Non-Sparking Lexan Polycarbonate Housing
• 21-Blade Case Aluminum, Precision Balanced Turbo Impeller
• Lightweight, Compact Design Stacks Easily
• Won't Rust, Dent, Or Corrode

• Free Airflow: 3,200 cfm / 5,440 m3/hr
• 15ft 1-90° turn: 1,935 cfm / 3,289.5 m3/hr
• 15ft 2-90° turns: 1,590 cfm / 2,703 m3/hr• Weight: 46lbs / 21kg
• Dimensions: 19h /18w / 12d in483 x 457 x 305 mm
• Noise: 90.2dB
• Electric: 115/230VAC, 1,115V-6.3A/230V-3.1A

• Specify Voltage: 115V or 230V


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