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Petzl Rappel Rack 5 Bar

SKU: 23540411

$ 99.00

Variable friction descender

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Allows the friction to be varied when the descender is under load to adapt to changing conditions (rope weight, terrain, etc).

• Allows The Friction To Be Varied When The Descender Is Under Load

• Adapts To Changing Conditions (Rope Weight, Terrain, Etc).

• The Number Of Bars Engaged On The Rope May Be Adjusted At Any Time To Obtain The Desired Amount Of Friction.

• Good Distribution Of Friction And Heat Helps Preserve The Rope

• Does Not Twist The Rope.

• For Use On A Single Ropes (9 To 13 mm) Or Double Ropes (8 To 11 mm)

• Weight: 1.04 Pounds (470 Grams)


**This Item may not be available for expedited shipping**
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