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Petzl Jane Lanyard

SKU: 23541250-060

$ 31.00

For Work Positioning And Backup Systems

Used alone for work positioning, or combined with an energy absorber for integration into a fall arrest system. Allows anchoring to a fixed point or a horizontal lifeline (the height of the attachment point on the harness must never be above the anchor point). Sewn ends with plastic sleeve: helps hold the connector in the correct position and protects against abrasion.

• Used Alone For Work Positioning, Or Combined With An Energy Absorber For Integration Into A Fall Arrest System.

• Allows Anchoring To A Fixed Point Or A Horizontal Lifeline (The Height Of The Attachment Point On The Harness Must Never Be Above The Anchor Point)

• Sewn Ends With Plastic Sleeve: Helps Hold The Connector In The Correct Position And Protects Against Abrasion

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• Length: 24 Inches, 39 Inches, 59 Inches, And 79 Inches

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