NFPA Belay Device

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NFPA Belay Device
(For Descending A Rope & For Belaying)

For descending a rope and for belaying, with an anti-panic function. Rapidly installed on the rope without detaching from the harness thanks to the clip. Improved safety: anti-error feature to avoid accidents due to incorrect threading of the rope in the device. Auto-locking system: uses a pivoting cam mechanical principle to pinch the rope and brake the user if he / she lets go of the handle of the device. Comfortable to use: to descend, simply pull on the handle, the regulation of the speed of descent is carried out by varying the grip on the free end of the rope with the other hand. Rope climbing is possible without changing the position of the device, by adding a footloop and a handled rope clamp / grab. Allows for belaying a leader or a second.

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• Allows For Belaying A Leader Or A Second.
• Auto-Locking System
• Comfortable To Use
• Extremely Strong & Durable
• Body In Anodized Aluminum & Cam In Stainless Steel
• Disengaging Handle Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide.

• Small 10-11.5mm
• Large 11.5-13mm

Technical specifications :
• Weight: 530 g / 18.7 oz.
• Individually Tested.
• Rope Diameters From 10-11.5 mm: NFPA Light Use
• Rope Diameters From 11.5-13 mm: NFPA General Unse


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