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MAT Tourniquet


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The MAT® Tourniquet from Pyng is a versatile and efficient tourniquet, providing fast application, simple and effective one-handed operation. Stops blood loss with complete occlusion in about 30 seconds. Designed to be self-administered by individual military personnel or civilians—as well as used by medical personnel—it is the only tourniquet that meets all U.S. Department of Defense performance requirements.

MAT® provides consistent superior occlusion efficacy, speed of application, ease of use, and modulated constriction, which saves lives and limbs. And in three independent studies by the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps that compared tourniquet products and methodologies, MAT® performance was ranked first for stopping blood flow, the primary clinical outcome a tourniquet is supposed to deliver.

Initially developed for the U.S. Department of Defense, MAT® has been adopted by emergency first responders and law-enforcement agencies around the world. MAT® won the IDSA's Gold Award for Best Medical Product Design of 2006 and in 2007 was a finalist for the highly prestigious INDEX Award for best medical product in the world.

• Rapid Application
• Rapid release: Designed for rapid release and reapplication on the same patient; routinely applied start to finish in 10 seconds or less
• Complete Arterial Occlusion
• Aeterial Bleeding Is Typically Stopped Within 10 Seconds
• Significantly Increased Patient Survivability
• Saving trapped limbs: Completely adjustable to fit on any trapped limb to safely provide arterial occlusion
• Can Also Be Applied To Leg
• Work Even in Extreme Conditions
• Latex Free