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Mabis Electronic Stethoscope

SKU: 10-400-020

$ 298.79

This advanced electronic stethoscope provides state-of-the-art technology with volume amplification and sound filtering systems. The Signature Electronic Stethoscope is equipped with a built-in computer chip. Through this chip, aphonic and resonance effects are eliminated, and audio frequency can be divided into three selective modes: Standard Bell, Diaphragm and Extended Diaphragm.

The electronic amplifying system also adjusts for eight different volume levels. Auto shut-off saves the battery life after 2 minutes of non-use. An innovative adjustment feature controls the binaural degree and ensures maximum ear comfort. Includes three 357 type mercury batteries and a three-year limited warranty.

• Built-In Computer Chip
• Auto Shut-Off
• Volume Amplification & Sound Filtering


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