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Larkin Rescue Frame

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$ 6,760.00

Larkin Rescue Frame
(An Uneven Tetrahedron That Can Replace A Tripod Or A Small Rooftop Derrick Crane For Personnel Lifting / Lowering)

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An uneven tetrahedron that can replace a tripod or a small rooftop derrick crane for personnel lifting / lowering. The Larkin Frame swivels on its feet and can be set up as a standard tripod or tipped as shown in the photo to reach over an edge or parapet wall. It is especially useful on horizontal tanks with half walkways. The two feet must be secured to prevent slippage away from the edge when the unit is tipped. Safe Working Load:600 lbs. Dimensions: 8'x 10' (can be set up 1/2 height). Weight: 87 lbs. Shipping Weight: 94 lbs.
Made in Australia. Patented.

• Safe Working Load: 600 lbs
• Especially Useful On Horizontal Tanks With Half Walkways
• Weight: 87 lbs

• 8'x 10' (Can Be Set Up 1/2 Height)


**This Item may not be available for expedited shipping**
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