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Kootenay Knot Passing Pulley

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$ 197.00

Kootenay Knot Passing Carriage Pulley
(Voluminous Rope Channel Allows The Passage Of Joining Knots)
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Designed for Highlines and Passing Knots in Rope. High efficiency sealed ball bearings with locking pins allow use as an anchor. Fits ropes from 5/16" to 3/4".

• Made in the USA
• High Efficiency Sealed Ball Bearings
• Individually Testedlocking Pins Allow Use As An Anchor
• Fits Ropes From 5/16" To 3/4"
• Strength: 8,992 lbf. (Pounds Per Force)
• Height: 10.25"
• Weight: 50.4 oz.



**This Item may not be available for expedited shipping**
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