Incident Command Board

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Incident Command Board
(Organize Your Incident Command Structure)

The Accountability / Command board helps keep track of the rescuers and organizes your incident command structure. It features an 18" x 24"? dry erase board with the ICS structure screened on it. Includes Velcro strip for name tags and twin flashlight harness to light the board. Manufactured for padded Ballistics nylon. Pockets accommodate two radios or cell telephone and zippered pockets for clipboards, command vests, and writing utensils. The case will stand by itself or hang from a vehicle window or roof gutters to make a handy command station/table.

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• Keep Track Of The Rescuers
• Organizes Your Incident Command Structure
• 18" x 24"? Dry Erase Board
• Velcro Strip For Name Tags
• Twin Flashlight Harness To Light The Board
• Pockets Accommodate Two Radios Or Cellphones
• Zippered Pockets For Clipboards, Command Vests, And Writing Utensils


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