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Extra-Large Knot Passing Pulley

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Extra-Wide Knot Passing Pulley
(Ideal For Use As Carriage Pulley)
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Ideal for use as Carriage Pulley
Heavy Duty knot passing pulleys. Rotating sideplates and a rigging point that will accommodate three 13mm carabiners. Aluminum pulley sheave for durability.

Extra Wide Pulley - for ropes up to 5/8" diameter The Extra-Wide Pulley is the only pulley that will pass knots in 5/8" ropes. 3" wide sheave with Oilite bushing.

• Strength lbf. 10,000 (Pounds Per Force)
• Meets NFPA /ANSI/OSHA Strength Specifications.
Rigging Point That Will Accommodate Three 13mm Carabiner
• Oilite Bushing
Pitch Diameter 2.75"
• Color: Gold.

• 8 x 4.5 x 4.5”</>


**This Item may not be available for expedited shipping**
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