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Deluxe Victim Rescue Cradle

SKU: 708353

$ 250.00

Mesh Evacuation Triangle
(Full Upper Body Coverage)

Full Upper Body coverage with padded back panel for greater patient comfort and security. 7 strap support for superior strength. Forged D Tag line anchor helps rescuers control patient in vertical environment. Victim Arm Keepers maintain control of upper extremities. 4 Grab handles aid in maneuvering victim before, during, and after the vertical lift. Manufactured of 1000 den fabric with Cordura brand fibers, high strength webbing and forged steel hardware. (Manikin, Carabiner, and Tether not included.)

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• Made In The USA
• Forged Steel Attachment Points
• Heavy Duty Webbing
• Rolls Up For Storage
• Contoured Grab Handles Aid Rescuers
• Padded Back Panel With Internal Polycarbonate Support Frame.
• Does Not Replace Proper Patient Packaging Using Backboard, Cervical Collar & Head Blocks


**This Item may not be available for expedited shipping**

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