Ambu TubeChek Intubation Detector

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$ 6.95


This disposable esophageal intubation detector verifies proper endotracheal placement by taking advantage of anatomical differences between trachea and the esophagus. A very simple tool that uses the anatomical difference between the oesophagus and trachea as its working principle. If there is negative pressure, you are in the oesophagus; if you can aspirate air, you are in the trachea. If the tube is in the soft, unsupported oesophagus, the walls will collapse around the end of the endotracheal tube, creating negative pressure if you attempt to aspirate air. If the tube is in the rigid trachea, air can easily be aspirated.

Two versions of the Ambu TubeChek are available, i.e. a syringe and a bulb version, allowing you to use the device you feel most comfortable with. The bulb can illuminate in the dark, making it the ideal choice for EMS services.

• TubeChek Syringe And TubeChek Bulb Are Both Disposable

• No Expiry Date, Making Them Easy To Handle And Store. Shelf Life Considerations Are No Longer An Issue.

• 20/BoxX