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Nartec 3 Step Drug Test Kits

SKU: METH-1-10-1-20

$ 13.20

3 Step Drug Test Kits
(Produces results In Less Than 10 Seconds!)

1-2-3 Step Tests by Nartec are easy to use and quick to produce results. Simply remove the cap, dab the test into suspect powder, crush the ampule, and wait less than 10 seconds for the color results.

***Note: For the Heroin test you must place the ampule back into tube***

• Produces Results In Less Than 10 Seconds
• Compact, Self Contained, Ready-To-Use
• Turquoise Color Signifies Positive Results


• 10 / Box
• Methamphetamine Test
• Cocaine Test
• Heroin Test
• GHB Test



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