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ADVANTAGE Full Body Harness

SKU: 7311301

$ 350.00

NFPA Class III Work/Rescue Harness

Our new ADVANTAGE harness utilizes a modified version of our new waist pad design. Incorporating the same Aerospacer mesh for comfort, the pad is larger than that of the VANGUARD II and has a polycarbonate stiffener to better distribute the load – increasing the comfortable of the harness.

Fully adjustable design features padded waist, legs, and shoulders.

Unique shaped shoulder pad system makes the Advantage super-comfortable and have soft-attach points for vertical lifting bridles. Suitable for Work and Rescue, Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, Descent, and Ascent. Buckles make size adjustment quick and secure – no need to tie off webbing tails. Main rigging rings at front waist and chest. Fall arrest ring in dorsal position. Stowable side waist rings for positioning. Made In U.S.A.

• Fully Adjustable Design

• Polycarbonate Stiffener To Better Distribute The Load

• Lightweight And Durable Design

• Comfort Unsurpassed

• Main Rigging Rings At Front Waist And Chest

• Fall Arrest Ring In Dorsal Position

• Stowable Side Waist Rings For Positioning

• Suitable For Work And Rescue, Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, Descent, And Ascent

• NFPA Rating: Class III Work / Rescue Harness


7311201 Small 5’2” - 6’ 27” - 35”
7311301 Medium/Large 5’2” - 6’ 31” - 39”
7311501 XLarge 5’9” - 6’8” 35” - 51”


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